Exile In Eden – En udstilling af Emma Ekstam

Exile In Eden - En udstilling af Emma Ekstam

In the summer of 2019 Emma and her husband moved from central Copenhagen to the beautiful Swedish forests to raise their kids as nature intended; like animals. Once settled, the peaceful surroundings gave way for primal impulses, loss of control and insights into the bondage of biology.

”For an image to feel interesting to me there needs to be an element of discomfort present. I have a penchant for the absurd, and a lot of my inspiration comes from European medieval imagery and off course nature (where reality surpasses imagination, every time).”

Emma Ekstam has a BA in illustration from Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm (2014) and has since worked with a wide variety of trades. She’s been an assistant to Skånes Måleri Konservatorer working with restoring churches, worked alongside decoration painter Ragnar Falck and she’s been a trainee in scenic painting under the masters David Drachmann and Søren Hornemann at Engelbrecht Constructions.